Cougars and rattlers and bears, oh my, what to understand critters into the highest wasteland.

Cougars and rattlers and bears, oh my, what to understand critters into the highest wasteland.

They most likely won’t surprise that notice Bend’s woodlands are full of creatures.

However are amazed to learn there are some creatures that may put a crimp within vacation programs by, say . . . eating you.

do not freak. In 43 ages as an outdoorsy Oregonian, I’ve never ever entered pathways with them. In reality, sightings of these three animals are rare, and actual confrontations tend to be rarer nevertheless.

Nevertheless, its smart to get cautious. With previous cougar sightings in the upper-traverse of Southfork, a bear sighting on Tumalo Creek, as well as the continuous presence on the north Pacific Rattlesnake in the highest desert, I’d always promote some things you need to know about all these oft-misunderstood creatures.

Things to learn about cougars

Before we begin into most of the scary-sounding items, it’s crucial that you note that according to the Oregon division of Fish and Wildlife, there’s not ever been a recorded cougar approach on a person in Oregon history. Not one.

This good looking other had been shoot by a creatures webcam set up by Deschutes Land believe. Go to their site for lots more amazing web cam imagery, plus big informative data on main Oregon’s outdoors

However, it is wise to feel knowledgeable when you’re venturing in to the backwoods.

Cougars is elusive and solitary predators, also it’s calculated you will find 6,500-6,800 of them statewide. Utilizing the typical male staking claim to a territory of up to 100 square kilometers, they’re demonstrably driving around main Oregon.

Some individuals never ever discover a cougar, it is likely one has noticed your if you’re a frequent explorer in middle Oregon’s wild. Here’s things to know in relation to these huge kitties:

  • Keep dogs leashed and young children in sight when walking in cougar nation.
  • Escape running or trail operating in reduced light conditions along with bushy places that cougars look.
  • Watch for cougar indicators, like monitors, droppings, scraped trees, and edibles caches.
  • Never hike by yourself, and carry a walking stick that can be used as a tool if required.
  • Chat, sing, or earn some various other variety of sounds while walking to lessen your odds of surprising a cougar.
  • Should you decide encounter a cougar, answer by making yourself search since huge as it can. Hold your jacket open, wave an adhere around, create visual communication, do anything you can to look large and scary and intimidating. Whatever you manage, don’t fold all the way down and don’t run—it’ll trigger the cougar’s chase instinct.
  • Unlike bears (we’ll will all of them in another) cougars do not “bluff cost.” Playing dry is not suggested if a cougar charges. React, focusing your assault regarding cougar’s face and sight.


The legend is true. There’s a different sort of cougar in Bend, like in virtually any city where appealing teenage boys render effortless prey for ladies of a particular years.

Writer Tawna does this lady finest perception in the other method of cougar you could spot in wines pubs around flex.

If you’re looking to feel caught by one, wines pubs are a great choice. Bend has actually a few amazing ones, such as Portello WineCafe and drink Wine club. Even though you don’t area real cougars truth be told there, both places making outstanding spot to choose a very tasty cup of wines and some nibbles. Sip features women’ night every Wednesday with $1 off many techniques from 4- close, while Portello keeps wines airline sundays every Saturday and Sunday evening.

What things to find out about bears

In line with the Oregon division of Fish and creatures, Oregon houses about 25,000-30,000 black colored bears (some of which aren’t really black, but cinnamon or brown in color).

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